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WASHINGTON (WUSA) — Each week, mobile health vans service patients in low income areas of Washington, D.C. This mobile medical unit — the Mobile Medicine Project – has offered physicals, check-ups, dental care and diagnosis and treatment of illnesses for almost 20 years.

Southeast residents, like Michelle Hoes, say they can’t imagine being without the van.

“I have one middle daughter. She had asthma real bad, and I came to the mobile and they prescribed medicine for her, and voila – she’s doing wonderful now. She’s 20-years-old,” shared Hoes.

The van visits 11 sites weekly, and most are near public housing. The staff also provides care and referrals for children with special needs. But importantly, families without insurance are not turned away.

Executive Director Dr. Rhonique Harris said, “We provide services to families where there has historically been a barrier to access of care. Where there weren’t doctors in the neighborhoods, our vans would go. Where there weren’t dentists in the neighborhoods, our vans would go. We provide not just a medical home, but a healthy home for our families.”

The state-of-the-art medical unit is providing high quality services to hundreds of youngsters in D.C. and it’s also giving them a brighter future.

Dr. Harris said, “We think the services we provide are just great for our families, because we are making sure the family as a whole is getting the best benefit of health care.”

Hoes said, “Once the children’s mobile pulled up – it was on. I love them. The greeted us, they’re wonderful, my kids’ health is up-to-date, they all are just fine. Now I have my grandson on the mobile. What more could you ask for?”

Children’s Hospital is adding more routes so the mobile van will reach families in Prince George’s County.

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