JC and WRTC “Linking Hands” For Organ Donation In DC

WASHINGTON (JCHayward.com) – Washington Regional Transplant Community (WRTC), the local Donate Life organization spreading awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation in the DC metro area, brought the community and hospital partners, organ and tissue transplant recipients, donor family members and living kidney donors together for a “Linking Hands for Life” event Saturday morning in front of the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington.

The event promoted awareness for the need for individuals to register as organ donors.

Nationally, Donate Life organizations from across the country will be holding similar events in Los Angeles, Tampa, San Diego, Pittsburgh, San Memphis, Indianapolis, Columbia (South Carolina), Myrtle Beach, Winston-Salem (North Carolina), Richmond (Virginia) and Omaha.  More than 113,000 people are on the national waiting list for an organ transplant.  18 people die every day due to a lack of available organs for transplant.  Individuals can help end their wait by registering to become an organ, eye and tissue donor at www.BeADonor.org or by registering when receiving or renewing a driver’s license.

Relatives of deceased organ donors were there to talk about the impact organ, eye or tissue donation had on their families.

Organ transplant recipients hung out with JC, told her their stories and how organ donation saved their lives.

Living Donors were also there to share the heroic tales.

A special thanks to Hospital Community partners, including staff members from Georgetown Transplant Institute for supporting the Washington Regional Transplant Community.



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  • joel swartz

    dear jc, although i am a foxsnews junkie, because of you i have chosen channel 9 news at noon. i was watching friday then you announced your journey with breast cancer! friday night at my family passover seder i announced your dilemna and you will be happy to know that you were included in our prayers for a speedy recovery. in my 45 years as a pharmacist i have been acquainted with many of my patients who had breast cancer and due to early diagnosis have had an excellent outcome! i know that with your strength, your doctors, and GOD’s will you will too!! i will be praying too. dr joel

  • Blossom Ellicott

    Dear JC, You are my hero since 1986.I am wishing you all the best in your surgery and recovery. You will be in my prayers. Be very blessed. Blossom