PHOTOS: Hanami Festival, Cherry Blossom Play With JC Hayward

WASHINGTON ( — JC Hayward and the Japanese Ambassador, Ichiro Fujisaki, hosted Hanami, Through the Eyes of Seniors, a play about the Cherry Blossom Festival and the memories from seniors and centenarians (ages 85 to 105). The play is produced by The Double Nickels Theatre Company, a local  community theater company founded by Antoinette Ford.  The audience at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre consisted of young and old and people of a diverse backgrounds.  See photos to enjoy the event!


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  • Penny Callan

    Hi JC, I’m a four year breast cancer survivor. My cancer was stage two triple negative and I had a lumpectomy, four bouts of chemo, and six weeks of radiation!

    My two cats Smokey and Midnight helped me through it all as well as support groups and physical activities!!! I did “WeCanRow” 3 years ago, do “Healing with Basketball” for the past 2 years, and last year had a blast with “Casting for Recovery”!!!!


    Pink Sisters for Ever

    • http://google Regina Blake

      Ms. Hayward God is so good when I heard about your Operation I was watching the News, Ms. Hayward I stop everything and went to Praying for you out loud Just let the Devil know that he was a lair and to go back to the Pitt of Hell where he came from, Because you don’t belong to him. I said You belong to my Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. The Blood, The Blood, The Blood of Jesus Leave. Ms Hayward I would like to wish you a speedy recovery but take you time and heal. God Got you and will always have you. Ms Hayward you are so Beautiful. I love you Ms Hayward for all that you do and God is Not finish Using you Yet… Continue to Get Better (Take Your Time Please). God Bless You Ms. Hayward For All You Do.