The Doctor Is In: Experts Weigh In On Tips For Staying Trim During The Holidays

Marcy Oppenheimer, MD
Family Medicine, Providence Primary Care

WASHINGTON (JCHAYWARD.COM) — All of us want to eat healthy during the holidays, but few of us manage to do so. You’ll be happy to learn that you can eat healthy while still enjoying the holiday foods you love. The following are some holiday eating tips you can follow by Proveidence Hospital’s Dr. Marcy Oppenheimer.

What are some ways to enjoy holiday treats while still maintaining or losing weight during the holidays?

  • Drink water or eat a piece of fruit before a party to fill up a little. Once you get there, fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits. That will leave only half a plate for the less healthy meats and starches.
  • For dessert, try whatever treats you want; but take a small portion. Should I limit foods high in fat? Healthy fats (unsaturated fats) come from plants, while less healthy fats (saturated fats) come from animals.
  • Fortunately, holiday meats like ham and turkey are actually fairly low in fat. But watch out for the stuffing; it probably has a lot of butter, so take a small portion!
  • What about drinks? Over the holidays, just like anytime, you should avoid drinking a lot of sodas and juices. Yes, even 100% juice is full of sugar and can make you gain weight. Stick with water!
  • Eggnog is definitely one of the high calorie drinks to be enjoyed in small portions. And keep in mind that alcohol has almost as many calories, gram for gram, as butter.
  • But here’s one piece of good news—coffee and tea are actually healthy for you.
  • Stay physically active! Exercise is a great way to get rid of calories. Get a little more exercise than usual. Grab a loved one and take a brisk walk.
  • Most important, don’t give up if you fall off the wagon; just get back to healthy eating the next day.

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