The Federalist Offers A Fabulous Meal For Christmas

WASHINGTON (JCHAYWARD.COM) — Looking for a spot to celebrate Christmas? Chef Harper McClure joined JC on Thursday to prepare his delicious Angus Beef Strip Loin, with Potato Puree, Roasted Broccoli, and a Truffled Bordelaise this morning. This dish is one of many appetizers, entrees and desserts featured on The Federalist’s Christmas Eve 3-Course Prix Fixe Menu.

The Federalist Restaurant is located at 1177 15th Street NW, D.C.

 View the Federalist’s Christmas menu here.




See Chef McClure’s Recipe below.

Roasted Angus NY Strip, Potato Puree, Roasted Romanesco Cauliflower & Sauce Bordelaise 
(Serves 4)

4 ea. 8 oz. NY Strips Steaks

4 ea. Yukon Gold Potatoes (about 2 lbs)

4 oz. Butter, cold and diced

8 oz. Heavy Cream, warm

1 head Romanesco Cauliflower cut into bite size pieces

6 oz. Veal Demi-Glace (can be sourced from Williams-Sonoma or Balducci’s)

16 oz. Red Wine

2 ea. Shallots, sliced thin

3 oz. Canola Oil

Kosher Salt

Black Pepper

1 oz. Thyme

1 oz. Rosemary

1 clove Garlic, Peeled

For the Potato Puree:

·       Slowly simmer the potatoes with the skins on in salted water until tender (I check them with a knife)

·       Dry the potatoes on a sheet tray in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes

·       Peel the potatoes while still hot and rice them through a food mill; fold in cold butter until it is well blended; adjust the consistency of the potatoes with hot heavy cream (You are looking for a slightly loose consistency)

·       Reserve the potatoes warm until ready to serve

For the Bordelaise:

·       Lightly caramelize shallots with a dash of canola oil in a medium saucepan; add red wine and reduce by 80%; add the demi-glace and simmer very slowly for 30 minutes, or until deep flavor is achieved; strain and reserve for service

To Serve:

·       Heat a large cast iron pan to a smoke with 2 oz. of canola oil; liberally season each steak with kosher salt and black pepper; sear steaks on all sides until they reach your desired temperature (I prefer medium-rare)

·       Allow the steaks to rest at least five minutes before slicing

·       Meanwhile, heat another sauté pan over high heat, add 1 oz. canola oil and sauté the cauliflower until well caramelized and tender

·       Put a large dollop of potato puree in the center of each plate; arrange sliced NY strip around one side and the sautéed cauliflower on the other; finish each plate with 2 oz. of finished bordelaise