Celebrate The Holidays With The Perfect Dessert

WASHINGTON (JCHAYWARD.COM) — Does fried dough drenched in honey sound appetizing? The answer to that questions is yes.

Chef Alba Johnson, a cooking instructor and personal chef who specializes in southern Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, stopped by WUSA9 on Tuesday to prepare the classic Christmas sweet treat in Naples and throughout Italy named Struffoli.




See Chef Alba’s Napolitan Christmas Struffoli Recipe below.

For the Dough:                                                                                    For the syrup:

4 cups flour                                                                                                1 ½ cups honey

4 oz butter, softened                                                                        Pinch salt

3 whole eggs + 1 yolk                                                                        ½ cup sprinkles decorations
¼ cup sugar
1 oz liqueur (anise, rum, brandy, or Limoncello)
grated zest ½ orange and ½ lemon
Pinch salt

Pinch baking soda

1 oz milk

For the dough:

In a bowl add and mix the flour, salt and baking soda. Make a little well in the center of the bowl.  Add remaining ingredients in the center.  Incorporate and mix batter until it is homogenized.  Knead about 5 minute until  the dough is smooth (if the dough is too tough, add a little milk, if it is too soft add a little more flour). Cover with towel or a bowl and allow to rest at least 30 minutes at room temp.

Once rested, divide into smaller pieces, and roll  each piece into thin long logs (thin snakes). Cut each thin  log into tiny ¼ inch pieces about the size of chick peas.  Set on a clean towel.

Prepare a medium size pan half filled with either vegetable, canola, or safflower oil.  When hot, add a batch of struffoli at a time and cook.  Stir often and remove when the struffoli  are golden (not brown). Lay on paper towel to drain the excess oil.  Continue the process until all the struffoli have been cooked.

To make syrup:

Heat the honey for about 3 minutes.  Turn off heat and add the ready struffoli.  Mix uniformly.  Transfer the struffoli to a dish in a shape of a small mountain or a wreath.  Decorate with sprinkles. Allow to rest about an hour before serving.


For more delicious recipes visit Chef Alba’s website here.