PHOTOS: Katherine Webb Interviews Athletes At Super Bowl Media Day

Katherine Webb interviews 49ers linebacker Clark Haggins during Super Bowl Media Day. (USA Today Sports)

NEW ORLEANS, LA. (WUSA) — Remember the highlight of the BCS Championship Game? No, it wasn’t Alabama’s blowout of Notre Dame, that game would have made anyone change the channel.

The highlight was Alabama’s quarterback beauty queen girlfriend, Katherine Webb, who gained overnight celebrity status after ESPN’s Brent Musburger pointed her out during the live broadcast.

After Musburger commented on Webb’s good looks former Miss Alabama blew up  the Twittersphere, and now has managed to beat her boyfriend, AJ McCarron, to the Super Bowl.

Webb is currently covering the Super Bowl and interviewing players as a guest correspondent for Inside Edition.

Webb tweeted on Tuesday to her 272,111 followers about her first ever Super Bowl Media Day:

“Day 1: Media day. Absolutely NUTS. Thousands and thousands of people! So excited to share it with you guys!”

Something tells me we are going to see a lot more of Katherine Webb after the Super Bowl.


See PHOTOS of Katherine Webb at Super Bowl media day. All Photos courtesy of USA TODAY Sports and Getty Images.