Arena Stage

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Molly Smith, Arena Stage has become the largest theater in the country dedicated to American Voices. Founded in 1950 by Zelda Fichandler, Thomas Fichandler and Edward Mangum, Arena Stage was one of the nation’s original resident theaters, and has a distinguished record of leadership and innovation in the field. With the opening of the new Mead Center for American Theater, Arena Stage has become a national center for the production, presentation, development and study of the American theater. Now in its sixth decade, Arena Stage serves a diverse annual audience of nearly 300,000. Washington Drama Society, D.B.A. Arena Stage, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

JC serves as a Board Member at Arena Stage.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington was established in 1886 as the Newsboys and Children’s Aid Society . In the early 1900s, the Working Boys Home and Children’s Aid Association replaced this organization and enlarged the scope of service to neighborhood boys.

With the support of the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C., a board of trustees was established and the name changed to Boys Clubs of Washington. In 1973, Boys Clubs of Washington began serving girls as full and equal members. In July of 1981, Boys Clubs of Washington changed its name to Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington to reflect its new direction.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington is now one of the largest affiliates of Boys & Girls Clubs of America with 21 sites over a 75-mile radius from Frederickburg, Virginia to Germantown, Maryland as well as a residential summer camp in Southern Maryland.

JC serves as a Board Member at Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington.

Double Nickels

In 2006, Antoinette Ford embarked upon the task of building a theater company to celebrate the lives of seniors in our society. Her vision was the creation of a theater that would celebrate the legacy of the senior members of our society, by making theater from their memories. This would be the conduit for reinvigorating the art of conversation and communicating across generations and culture.

The Double Nickels Theatre Company was established in June 2006. In Sepember 2008, the Double Nickels held its first full production called ElderSpeak: The Remix. With a well-received first production, the company has been acknowledged as having tapped into a rich, vibrant and under-served arts community: seniors. Local theater companies and arts organizations have reached out to support the Double Nickels wholeheartedly. Town Hall Education Arts and Recreation Campus (THEARC) provided our first home and performance venue.

Toni’s vision is to connect seniors to the larger community through the venue of theater, while harnessing the rich stories of well-lead lives. The motto of her reminiscence theater is “until the lions have historians, tales of the hunt will always celebrate the hunter.”

JC serves as a Board Member at Double Nickels.

Hospice Caring

Since 1989, Hospice Caring, Inc. has been the only non-medical, volunteer hospice in Montgomery County. Trained and dedicated volunteers provide practical and emotional support to terminally ill adults and children and their families, and to anyone grieving the death of a loved one. All services are provided at no charge.

As a non-medical hospice, Hospice Caring does not require that the patient have a six-month or less prognosis. Curative treatments may still be pursued, and a physician’s referral is not necessary. Hospice Caring’s carefully screened and trained caregivers visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities — wherever they are needed to work directly with patients, families and friends to navigate end-of-life challenges and choices.

JC serves as a Board Member at Hospice Caring.

United Black Fund

The basic concept of the United Black Fund, Inc (UBF) was born from a need that became readily apparent in the 1960s. At that time, a number of Washington, DC, Black-oriented, non-profit organizations were either denied funds or received a disproportionate share of them from the United Givers Fund (UGF) and the Health & Welfare Council. Dr. Calvin W. Rolark, Sr., a publisher and prominent leader in the Black community, conducted a study in Washington, DC, which confirmed UGFs discriminatory policies and practices.

Today, the United Black Fund continues operating as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that raises funds for financing organizations operating charitable, health, welfare, recreational and allied programs in the Washington Metropolitan Area and throughout the United States. We provide plans, facilities, manpower and community leadership for unified fundraising campaigns. The United Black Fund of Greater Washington, the United Black Fund of America and the International United Black Fund remain as lasting legacies to the spirit, courage, humanity and love of both Calvin and Wilhelmina Rolark.

JC serves as a Board Member at United Black Fund.

Options Public Charter School

The District’s oldest charter school, Options, serves children in Grades 6-12. Since 1996, Options has been recognized for providing a high-quality, unique educational experience for students in danger of dropping out of school because they are underachieving, truant, have behavior problems, or have exceptionalities requiring therapeutic special education services.

Both our general education and full-time therapeutic Transition and Socialization Program offer alternative programs and vocational education, which motivate students to stay in school by giving them the requisite social skills, increased self-esteem, self-control over anger and frustration, desire to learn, and increased academic competence. All of our students benefit from small class sizes with frequent access to state of the art wireless technology, clinical and behavioral counseling services, and intensive reading mediation. Our integrated continuum of services for students is implemented by a network of caring adults who nurture the desire to learn, improve self-esteem, and create a culture of student achievement.

Options PCS was accredited by the Middle States Association in 2002 and over the years has won numerous system and community awards including Mayor Williams High Performing School Incentive Award during his tenure.

JC serves as President of the Board Options Public Charter School.

Perry Center

Perry School Community Services Center, Inc. was created in 1991 to address issues of chronic poverty in the North Capitol St. area of Washington, DC. The community raised over $5.6 million to convert the vacant and historic Perry School into the Perry School Community Services Center. Perry Center, Inc., as a nonprofit corporation, developed the Perry Center and provides services in youth development, economic empowerment and social services.

JC serves as a Board Member at Perry Center.