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The Seabury Resources for Aging: the 2013 Award Celebration —PHOTOS

WASHINGTON, DC (— Last night,  thoroughly enjoyed myself at this year’s Leadership Award Ceremony hosted by The Seabury Resources for Aging. Their mission: “Seabury Resources for Aging’s mission is to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options  to help older adults in the  greater Washington, DC area live with independence and dignity.”  I am honored  Read more »

Safe Summer Skin

FREDERICK, MD ( — The heat is on! The sun is shining and summer weather is here. I got out my summer clothes and packed the winter coats under the bed. I am ready….except the other morning when I was running around my house like a maniac looking for the sunscreen I bought three months  Read more »

A.F.T.A. Celebrates 25 Years!– PHOTOS

A.F.T.A. Celebrates 25 Years!– PHOTOS

WASHINGTON, DC (— Yesterday, I was honored to attend and speak at the AFTA 23rd Annual Tennis Tournament. It was a blessing to have been in the presence of the Ambassador of Sweden, formally known as His Excellency Jonas Hafström and the co-chair person and proud member of the Board of Trustees Susan Rosenbaum. I  Read more »

Hero Central: Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home Empowers The Elderly

WASHINGTON (WUSA) — Tap! Tap! Tap! With a sponge brush, Eloise Wallace spreads blue paint across her white canvass. Wallace, 87, participates in the Resident Art Program inside the Lisner-Louise-Dickson Hurt Home. The home provides the District’s moderate to low-income elderly, a place to live and thrive. “Well it’s a beautiful home. It’s clean and they’ve  Read more »

Of Rats and Men

Of Rats and Men

Stuart Rosenthal, Aging Gracefully — Scientists have long experimented on mice and rats to test new drugs and treatments for human illnesses. I’ve always imagined that there must be many similarities between our species — at least on a cellular level or in organ systems — for that to make sense. But I haven’t been  Read more »

Who’s Afraid of Reform?

Who’s Afraid of Reform?

Congress is once again preparing to change the terms of our social contract with Social Security. It’s certainly not the first time. Over its history, changes have been made on several occasions to keep Social Security financially solvent. The last big set of changes were made in 1983. I was only 26 then, and frankly,  Read more »

Turning the Tide

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard references to the “Age Wave” or “Silver Tsunami.” That’s often how people talk now about the rapidly growing numbers of older people in America (and around the globe). Makes it sound like all the grandmas and grandpas will come crashing down on our shores, wreaking havoc wherever they land and  Read more »

Aging Gracefully

Welcome. I am the publisher and editor of The Beacon newspapers, where for the past 22 years I have focused on the health, financial and career interests of readers over 50. I am also Chair of the Maryland Commission on Aging and a member of many local boards that advocate for older adults and their  Read more »