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Finding Balance: Manage Your Business and Personal Lives

( — Susan Commander Samakow, certified life and leadership life coach, provides tips on how to seek balance in your life so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Business More than ever clients are telling me that so much of their workday is taken up in meetings or by situations that are not on their schedule. In fact,  Read more »

Floral Colorado Cupcakes

( — Hello Friends, it’s Nicole, your contributing writer! I am back! The past two weeks have been so wonderful! I went on a family vacation to Bethany Beach, and then I got to spend five luxurious days in Colorado for my boyfriend’s Mema’s 85th birthday. While in Colorado, we were able to explore Vail, which  Read more »

The Sandwich Generation by Susan Commander Samakow

The Sandwich Generation by Susan Commander Samakow

WASHINGTON, DC ( —  “Life is precious and time is a key element. Let’s make every moment count and help those who have a greater need then our own.” — Harmon Killebrew Speaking of freedom, Baby Boomers sometimes feel a bit of it lost when dealing with family. The Baby Boomer generation often experiences the  Read more »

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

( — Hello friends, it’s Nicole again, your contributing writer. Of course it is time to bake. I was going to my Aunt’s house for a sleepover and we planned to bake cookies. She had been raving about a recipe she had found. Turned out, I’d found the same delectable recipe in People magazine, by Carla Hall, from the  Read more »

Alleviate Stress For Your Health

( — Need to decompress?  Here are a few important tips on reducing your stress from Certified Business and Life Coach, Susan Commander Samakow. Our lives can be quite hectic between daily frustrations, life and career transitions, and the demands put on us.  Add to this our self-imposed demands and life can be constantly challenging. Stress isn’t always  Read more »

My Haitian Experience: The Flavorful Food (Part 4)

CAP-HAITIAN, HAITI (— My name is Jasmine Armstrong. I am a sophomore at Syracuse University majoring in Art Video. Currently, I am interning at WUSA9 News to broaden my knowledge of media. I recently took a trip to my mother’s birthplace of Haiti in May, 2013, and this is Part 4 of my experience: Haitian cuisine. Haiti has a blend  Read more »

Safe Summer Skin

FREDERICK, MD ( — The heat is on! The sun is shining and summer weather is here. I got out my summer clothes and packed the winter coats under the bed. I am ready….except the other morning when I was running around my house like a maniac looking for the sunscreen I bought three months  Read more »

Simple Cake Box Cookies

FREDERICK, MD ( —  I know I just dished out some great fitness advice for the summer and now I am going to spoil you with a delicious and easy, yes, easy treat! “Summer time and the livin’s easy,” that is what I was expecting. But if your life is like mine, you have a  Read more »

Summer Fitness Tips by Nicole

FREDERICK, MD ( — It’s Swimsuit Season! Oh boy. I have mixed emotions about this time of year. Yes, I love flip-flops and pedicures, sunglasses and floral-prints. I get excited for bathing suit shopping, until I try the bathing suit on. And you would think I’m okay with bathing suits, I am at the gym at  Read more »

Summer Fashion Styles

FREDERICK, MD ( — Nicole has some fashion tips for the summer. She shares what’s happening in a local store: There is so much fun you can have with summer style. Shorts, tanks, dresses and sandals are always an option. Some may think you can only layer with winter clothes, but that is not the  Read more »