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Saks Fifth Avenue and DC Magazine present KNOCK OUT ABUSE I-N S-T-Y-L-E

Saks Fifth Avenue and DC Magazine present KNOCK OUT ABUSE I-N S-T-Y-L-E

( — The crisp fall weather is official here!  Today, I had the pleasure to welcome nationally acclaimed stylist and author Lauren A. Rothman and we got to sit down and discuss some new trendy fall attire .  We also spoke about her special event she is holding on Monday, September 30th  from 6:30- 9  Read more »

Survivor of Virginia Tech Massacre Colin Goddard Discusses Major Gun Control Rally Tomorrow

( — Many of you are aware of the horrific mass shooting that took place at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.  Today the WUSA9 noon newscast had the extreme honor to welcome Virginia Tech Massacre survivor Colin Goddard.  Colin was shot four times and survived the mass shooting that took the lives of 32 of  Read more »

Powerful Sermon: Rev. Otis Moss, Jr. & Rev. Otis Moss, III

( — At the Interfaith Service at Shiloh Baptist Church, the father-son dual sermon electrified the audience! What do you think of their message to commemorate the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Here is the video snippet of the sermon! REV. OTIS MOSS, JR –We must place non violence at center of  Read more »

Finding Balance: Manage Your Business and Personal Lives

( — Susan Commander Samakow, certified life and leadership life coach, provides tips on how to seek balance in your life so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Business More than ever clients are telling me that so much of their workday is taken up in meetings or by situations that are not on their schedule. In fact,  Read more »

The Sandwich Generation by Susan Commander Samakow

The Sandwich Generation by Susan Commander Samakow

WASHINGTON, DC ( —  “Life is precious and time is a key element. Let’s make every moment count and help those who have a greater need then our own.” — Harmon Killebrew Speaking of freedom, Baby Boomers sometimes feel a bit of it lost when dealing with family. The Baby Boomer generation often experiences the  Read more »

Alleviate Stress For Your Health

( — Need to decompress?  Here are a few important tips on reducing your stress from Certified Business and Life Coach, Susan Commander Samakow. Our lives can be quite hectic between daily frustrations, life and career transitions, and the demands put on us.  Add to this our self-imposed demands and life can be constantly challenging. Stress isn’t always  Read more »

Life’s Natural Order

( — Struggles are required in order to survive in life, because in order to stand up, you have to know what falling down is like. We crawl before we walk. We walk before we run. There’s a natural progression in life. To truly appreciate all the blessings that we have, we have to understand  Read more »

The 11th Commandment by Susan Commander Samakow

I once heard someone say that strength and courage aren’t always measured in medals and victories. They are measured in the struggles we overcome. The strongest people aren’t always the people who win. They are the people who don’t give up when they lose. Courage is infectious. Courage can impact those around you and those  Read more »

A Time to Give Thanks and Reflect on 2012

Although Thanksgiving Day has passed, stay in the spirit of giving thanks and gratitude. It’s a wonderful way to begin and end each day. Personally, I am thankful for all of my wonderful family, friends, clients and speaking opportunities this year. I am also grateful for all those that are supporting me as my business  Read more »

Walk To End Breast Cancer With WUSA-TV

Walk To End Breast Cancer With WUSA-TV

WASHINGTON (JCHAYWARD.COM) — As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We all have been touched by this disease indirectly or directly including JC Hayward, and it’s for this reason that WUSA-TV and JCHAYWARD.COM wants to make a difference in the community by walking towards a cure. WUSA-TV will be walking and  Read more »