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Sasha & Solomon’s Friend of the Week: Anika

( Looking for a bouncing brindle ball of fun? Then look no further than Anika, a 4-month-old shepherd mix puppy. This happy girl just can’t contain her enthusiasm for life, and would love to explore all the wonders the world has to offer with a family of her own. Like most puppies her age, she’s  Read more »

Sasha & Solomon’s Friend of the Week: Patrick

( — If you looked up “Disney dog” or “Winn Dixie” in the dictionary, chances are you’d see a picture of Patrick. This Schnauzer/terrier mix is the quintessential scruffy canine silver screen star…in his case, a retired star. At 10 years old, Patrick no longer qualifies for any “Mighty Dog” action hero roles, but he  Read more »

Pet of the Week: Reece the Lovable Labradoodle

( — Reece is the lovable and oh-so adorable 5-year-old Labradoodle. Reece’s personality can be described as relax, yet playful. He’s a dog that enjoys the simple things in life. Any given day Reece can be found gazing out his bay window or relaxing by the couch. Reece holds down the fort with his best  Read more »

Pet of the Week: Bubba the Shih Poo

( — Bubba is a one year old  puppy living in West Hyattsville, M.D.  and he is  just bubbling with excitement as he easily makes new friends with anyone he encounters.   Bubba is an energetic companion who can make any frown turn right upside down.  Bubba’s best friends are his sister Bailey and his  Read more »

Sasha & Solomon’s Friend of the Week: Ironman the Handsome Feline

( — Ironman is a handsome 1-year-old domestic shorthair tabby from Baltimore. Look at his inquisitive face. Could you be his owner? He is under the care of the Washington Animal Rescue League. WARL says: “He’s a typical teenager, full of energy and always ready to play.  He’s also super smart, and has been learning “sit” and  Read more »

Pet of the Week: Bailey the Sweet Lab

( — Bailey is a sweet 2-year-old yellow lab who overcame some very rough times. Owner Heather Weakley says her family is so happy to have her: “We adopted her when she was 8 months old and are her third owners. She was taken from her original owners for being kept in indecent conditions. She was  Read more »

Sasha & Solomon’s Friend of the Week: Yankee Doodle

( — Yankee Doodle is feeling just dandy these days, thanks to the love and care he’s been receiving at the Washington Animal Rescue League. This 7-year-old Shih Tzu mix was found as a stray, suffering from a burn wound on his back. Despite being in considerable pain, this brave little guy was the model  Read more »

Pet of the Week: Buddy the Golden Retriever

(– Meet “Buddy” the loving golden retriever. Owner Dara Northern says: ”He is an older dog with a young spirit. He loves to play and loves fruit. He is great with kids and he loves to cuddle.” Northern loves Buddy like her little brother. How cute!  

Sasha & Solomon’s Friend of the Week: Bambi the Lab

( — Bambi, the 4-year-old Labrador retriever mix, loves to play chase-and-retrieve with tennis balls. She’ll drop the ball right at your feet on command and eagerly wait for you to throw it again. Do you enjoy a lab’s energy and tricks?  Bambi is looking for her owner. She currently stays at the Washington Animal Rescue League. From WARL:  Read more »

Pets of the Week: Moo and Charlie

( — Aren’t these two rescue beagles just adorable? Owners Debra and Peter Higbee from Absecon, NJ, give them lots of love. The 3-year-old Moo “is lovable and very protective of his family,” says Debra. “Charlie is 6 and is always hungry hehe and is a mommas boy.:-)” she added. These two photogenic dogs are your pets of the  Read more »