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Roasting it up with Chef Babyak

Roasting it up with Chef Babyak

( —  It was a appetizing day here for the WUSA9 noon newscast.   There is so much more offered than just roast beef  at DC’s catering company and restaurant MGM Roast Beef on Brentwood Road, Northeast.  Today Chef Babyak, the general manager of  MGM Roast Beef, came in and prepared for us some mouthwatering  Read more »

Canning: Preserve Your Favorite Foods Today!

( Summer is gone for now, but your garden favorites can be available through the cooler months! Canning is the perfect was to preserve your beloved fruits and vegetables for the off-season. Wendy Kiang-Spray is an expert on preserving and she visited the noon newscast to explain its benefits. Wendy had a wide array of preserved  Read more »

A Healthy Breakfast Equals A Healthy Student!

( —  It is true, breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day! Especially for our young students who need to stay fueled and focused in their classrooms.  However, the  back- to- school excitement starts to wear off around this time this year and parents do not always have the time to fix  Read more »

Yum! Chef Dennis Friedman’s Fuzu with Gluten-Free Noodles

Washington, D.C. (WUSA 9)— The newest concept from chef Dennis Friedman is sure to be the next hot spot for casual dining. The award-winning chef took Fuzu, one of the most popular dishes at his Bethesda restaurant, Newton’s Table, and parlayed it into an everyday eatery appropriately named, Newton’s Noodles. I was fortunate enough to attend  Read more »

Chopping it Up with Chef Eddie Ishaq

( —  It was a blazing hot day for the WUSA9 newscasts, which is why I had Chef Eddie Ishaq come in and freshen things up with his famous salad.  It’s a popular summertime food for those of us who love to host.  However, not all salads have to be so boring!  That’s why I was thrilled to try Chef Eddie’s  Read more »

MISSION BBQ Prepares For Sept. 11th Anniversary

 ( — Thanks to Mission BBQ, I was able to taste some mouth-watering brisket, pull pork and smoked turkey today on the WUSA 9 Noon newscast. Besides offering some of the best BBQ in the region, Mission BBQ in Glen Burnie, Md., now offers commemorative  “9-11 Never Forget American Hero” cups. Wednesday marks the 12th anniversary of the Sept.  Read more »

Lemon Curd Delights!

 (—  It was a delicious day to enjoy some lemon curd sweets!  If you’ve ever had lemon curd, you know it’s a great topping for pastries or used as a filling for cakes.  Today,  Pastry Chef David Rexford, the Director of Customer Service at AUI Fine Foods, was nice enough to come in and share with  Read more »

Maple Bacon Cupcake from Sprinkles — PHOTOS

( It was a super sweet day on the WUSA9 noon newscast. Terra Marsden, the general manager of Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown, dropped by to share a new featured flavor: Maple Bacon! Crispy Bacon bits are melded perfectly with their Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake and maple cream cheese frosting. All the great tastes of your favorite breakfast (lunch  Read more »

Tasty Pasta from new Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Va.

( — We’ve got to taste the delicious flavor of Virginia’s Piedmont country. Equinox chef Todd Gray is also culinary director for the new Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, Va. I can’t wait to go see the resort myself in two days when it opens! In the meantime, chef Gray brings me a healthy, flavorful pasta dish! It is  Read more »

The Passionate Vegetable: Recipes to Revitalize Your Life

WASHINGTON, DC ( — Our chef today is passionate about one particular food: the vegetable. Suzanne Landry is out with a new cookbook full of fresh flavor,  The Passionate Vegetable. She shares the recipe with me on WUSA 9 noon newscast today. See her beautiful California Fiesta Quinoa Salad. Feast your eyes on quionoa, tomatoes, celery,  Read more »